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I did 20 years in the military and have dealt with back and neck pain due to wearing the body armor my whole career. After hearing my brother and sister-in-law rave about their chiropractor I decided to go! They were right, he is amazing, both his customer service and professionalism. He took time to find out about me and treated me as a friend in need, rather than dollar signs. Dr. Hartman showed me where my problems were and has me on a treatment schedule. After just one week I can already tell a difference, and the patient-doctor relationship is among the best I have ever had. Thank you Dr. Hartman!
-Jimmy A.


We think Dr. Hartman is great!
-Robert and Pat

Dr. Hartman is really nice and always makes my pain go away. Come every day you are hurting!
-Alex R.

Dr. Michael Hartman is one of the best. As a nurse, I was not a fan of chiropractic, until my sciatica was not helped by traditional methods. Going to Dr. Hartman, I was better in 2 weeks. He has since then treated my husband and I for many years and we highly recommend him!
-Ruthie H.
My husband and I love Hartman Chiropractic, and have been receiving adjustments for the past few years. I went during my pregnancy too and I am convinced that the weekly adjustments helped towards very little back and sciatica pain throughout. We’ve been bringing our little one in for adjustments since he was born and have complete trust in Dr. Hartman. Wonderful office, doctor and assistant, we are very blessed to have found Hartman Chiropractic.
-Sarah R.

You are the best chiropractor!
-Brittney F.

Dr. Hartman is a straight shooter! I love his adjustments & I love you guys!
-Dena D.

Thank you, my pain went away after the first visit! Thank you so much for helping.
-Alla S.
I haven’t felt this good in years, and it’s only my second visit!
-Laura H.

I have been going to Dr. Hartman for over 4 years. I would never even consider seeing anyone else. He truly cares about all of his patients. You will never feel like a number. I have recommended him to my friends and have even brought my mom to him when she visits from out of state. Not only is he a great chiropractor, he is a great person. I am so glad I found him when I moved to Colorado!
-Audra T.
Dr. Hartman is my favorite!
-Danielle L.

I already feel better, you guys are wonderful! God bless you!
-Karen G.

You are so efficient!
-Marylou D.

After a few days with little improvement I visited Hartman Chiropractic hoping to get a quick adjustment so I could continue on my way. (If only things could be that easy, right?) During my first visit, Dr. Hartman listened to my story, took X-rays and performed a simple, yet safe adjustment and even massaged my muscles a little to help ease the pain. When reviewing the X-rays, Dr. Hartman noticed a lower compression fracture (L2). However, it was unclear to him whether this was caused by the recent racing incident, or if it was an old injury. (He felt that I was moving around very well for someone with a fractured vertebra.) Nonetheless, he sent the X-ray off for further evaluation. When the results were returned, inconclusive, he recommended that I have an MRI performed. The MRI provided us with the affirmative result. The fracture was, indeed, caused by the recent crash. I must note, that during all of this Dr. Hartman continued giving me slight adjustments without going near the affected area, nor, causing further damage or pain. In fact, I was experiencing more mobility and less discomfort with each visit. As I mentioned earlier, he has magic hands. In an effort to help me through all of this, Dr. Hartman suggested a new procedure that he had been researching. After we discussed this, and I decided I wanted to pursue it, he even found a surgeon that had performed this procedure with much success and explained my case to him. I then spoke with the surgeon and agreed to have the surgery. When I was in the hospital on "the big day" I was graced with Dr. Hartman's off-the-wall humor when he came to visit. What a guy! To make an already long story shorter, the procedure was a success and I was back in a race car by September of the same year - we even won that race! I continue to visit Hartman Chiropractic on a regular basis and look forward to each appointment, as I always find myself leaving with a spring in my step and a smile on my face!
-Keith Rudolph    

Dr. Hartman is a very caring, committed chiropractor. I get adjustments regularly to help me stay comfortable and healthy. My work is hard on my skeletal system and my chiropractor is what keeps me going!
- Jerry B.

I wish I had seen Dr. Hartman earlier. He has helped me so very much with my back problems. Just as important is his commitment to each and every patron. So kind. I could not write all the extra special things done for me. Dr. Hartman is a truly wonderful man, as well as, a fabulous chiropractor. Thank you!
- Maryellyn G.

I can move again! Thanks to "Dr. Mike". He is so caring and concerned about his patients. I would recommend him to everyone.
- Sandi G.

Dr. Hartman's skillful hands have eliminated my migraine headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Traditional medicine tried unsuccessfully to solve my pain. Dr. Hartman and chiropractic treatments have succeeded. The relief has improved my live immeasurably.
- Pam R.

Dr. Hartman is awesome! I started as a patient after a fall which caused much pain to my hip. "Miracle" a.k.a. Dr. Mike has taken my injury to great places. Thanks Dr. Hartman,
you are wonderful.
- Barbara B.

I am very pleased with Dr. Hartman. He has alleviated the pain in the sciatic nerve. I also have had relief in my arthritis in my neck area.
- Marianne S.

This past Friday night I was honored to be invited to the 2nd Anniversary celebration of Dr. Michael Hartman's Chiropractic practice at HEB [Heritage Eagle Bend]. He was presented with a beautiful plaque which acknowledged his wonderful work in helping so many people regain their health through his practice. As he read the loving words honoring him, he brought tears to all our eyes, and he was so choked with emotion he couldn't go on. It was a very special moment. After hearing so many recommendations from dozens of our HEB residents, I started going to Dr. Hartman for help in relieving some sciatic pain in my lower back following my TKR. He has helped me immensely, and I highly recommend that you consider going to see him if you have skeletal or muscular pain, headaches, etc. He's also a graduate of CU - which makes him special in my book! His office is right next to the Subway in the Safeway shopping center. Every time I go there, I run into another happily satisfied HEB resident. You can call him at (303) 680-2500, or see his ad in our HEB newsletter. Be sure to mention you saw the ad for a special first-time visit price for HEB residents.
- Patti T.

The staff at Dr. Hartman's office is wonderful. Ever since I have been coming here I have felt "at home". I have also felt relief and had less pain and have been able to move more than prior to coming here. He is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. I never believed in this but I do now. He is absolutely helped.
- Brent O.

Dr. Hartman is the best. I have had no change in my pain going to other chiropractors, but just a few visits and I was feeling better when I started seeing Dr. Hartman.
- Matt Z.

Conscientious and a sense of humor help to make me and my body straight again. He does a good job!
- Eileen M.

Dr. Hartman is a family life saver. My husband and myself are walking, sitting, and sleeping better - my son is now begging for visits.
- Cindy W.

I was extremely skeptical of chiropractic but pain medication was no longer helping me control the severe pain in my neck and shoulders caused by a horse related accident. I decided to go into Dr. Hartman's office for the initial exam. I was very impressed by his knowledge and the fact that he x-rayed the painful area before treatment instead of just jumping in and trying to fix it. He went about the process thoughtfully, professionally, and skillfully. I no longer have those painful episodes or headaches, and am a firm believer in chiropractic.
- Kim A.

Dr. Hartman is an excellent chiropractor. I appreciate the traditional type of adjustments that give me great relief. He's my stress buster.
- Donna V.

Dr. Hartman is a wonderful human being that genuinely cares about his patients and truly listens to your needs!
- Kristen L.

About 17 years ago, I broke my neck. Over the years I've had various practitioners try to relieve the pain caused by this injury. It wasn't until I started treatment at Hartman Chiropractic that the pain started to subside. Dr. Hartman's easy demeanor and professional attitude is a joy every time I visit. Thank you  everyone that is part of Hartman Chiropractic.
- Dan B.

I think he's the best chiropractor in the city. He is thorough, professional and really cares
about his patients.
- Patti H.

I came here crawling with a problem at my upper shoulders I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I had another chiropractor which I've seen for the past 6 months or so. Within 2 weeks from being under the care of Dr. Hartman I am feeling better than ever. I am on my way to recovery within a couple more weeks and you would too if you were here!
- Dominique W.

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  • "Dr Hartman completely changed my life, so much so I decided to help him change the lives of others! Thank you for being in my life and for allowing me to know what its like not to be in pain! It is truly an honor to be working for you, and a blessing to watch you make such a difference in the lives of those around you!"
    Diedre W. /Aurora, CO

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